Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Hobby - NZ Masters "Missing" This Week

 This week has been tinged with a little sadness. For the past fourteen years the first week in December has seen me preparing for the NZ Masters. Unfortunately the Covid response has put paid to that this year.

Organising the Masters has been one of the highlights of the year for me. I set the NZ Masters up as a "reward" for those people who supported the NZ tournament scene by attending events through the year. Qualification required attendance at at least three events to get the necessary ranking points. I have no doubt that the existence of the Masters helped overall attendance at events throughout those 14 years.

When the Masters kicked off it encompassed 40k, WHFB and Fields of Glory (Ancient/Medieval). Over time, as games fell in and out of favour, we saw Flames of War and Kings of War added and dropped. That 40k was a constant is a testimony to its popularity

Of course, it wouldn't be NZ wargaming without politics, and the Masters suffered from that from time to time. But dickheads will be dickheads - and they the end ruining it for their game.

Thanks to all those people that have attended in the previous years, it was great to be able to facilitate something that people obviously enjoyed. Hoping we can see it back in 2022.

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