Tuesday, November 30, 2021

KOW - Return of the Ratkin

This weekend I will be having my first game of Kings of War in four years. Since I last played the edition has changed and the supporting army lists have also been updated. 

I am going to use my Ratkin and so have spent the last couple of weeks painting the necessary new models and basing where required.

Decided to go with a pretty straightforward list rather than to get too "cute" while trying to re-learn the game. Here is the list I am using:
  • Warrior Horde - Plague Pots
  • Shock Troop Horde - Plague Pots & Brew of Strength
  • Shock Troop Horde - Plague Pots & Caterpillar Potion
  • Wretches Horde
  • Vermintide Regiment
  • Vermintide Regiment
  • Mutant Rat Fiend
  • Mutant Rat Fiend
  • Brood Mother
  • Tangle
  • Daemonspawn
So all the units have Unit Strength of 1+, with a total of Unit Strength 21. I have 11 drops....which is possibly on the light side.

Looking to have some pictures of the finished army later in the week.


  1. Welcome back! Hope the game goes well, the list looks good. Look forward to photos!

    1. Battle Report posted....they are also due a second run tonight