Wednesday, November 24, 2021

40K - Dark Eldar Coven Units

 Over the last couple of weeks I have been tidying up my 3rd Edition Dark Eldar army. This has, as its base, the Troy Forster Haemoculous Coven I covered in a previous post.

In addition to this are a number of additional units I have painted up to fit into the force - now enough to run it as a pure Coven army. I have taken the opportunity to put it all on common basing and to repair/repaint where necessary.

Troy's two foot Archons are now joined by 4 metal Haemoculai and the Urien Special Character. One of the fleshmaster is the infamous Khloe who caused such distress to Tau armies in 8th Ed as a result of her Vexator Mask.

Urien Rakarth rebased and ready to create!

Khloe on the right with her sisters Kourtney, Kim and Kendall - keeping it real in Commoragh.

The three metal Talos - guaranteed to shed arms and legs every single game.

Troy's infamous Ork Talos (below). The others have been painted to replicate that scheme.

Finally, my Grotesques. These have been built from Crypt Horrors using plastic Talos parts. Enough for a big squad of seven.

The final task my Dark Eldar army is to tidy up a Hellion unit and two units of Wyches. 


  1. Nice to see these guys (finally) getting tidied up and put on the same bases!