Friday, November 26, 2021

KOW - "Mrs. Whiskers" - Ratkin Brood Mother

 Early this year I purchased the files for "The Affliction Outbreak" from Archvillian Games. These were a series of vermin models suitable for Skaven, Ratkin, Verminkin for different games systems.

Just after I got them Jack purchased a 3D Resin printer (happy coincidence) and printed me off the set of figures.

The first that I painted was the Broodmother which I'll be using, surprisingly, as a Brood Mother in my Ratkin. I've dubbed her "Mrs. Whiskers" after a particularly nasty Momma Rat our cats once brought inside and then realised their mistake. I eventually trapped her but then she proceeded to start chewing off her own leg to escape....that's the sort of rat I want leading my Ratkin!

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