Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Hobby - The Week Ahead

 My hobby plans over the next week are quite mixed.

Over the past three-four evenings I've been reading through all the Kings of War 3rd Ed material - rules, supplements, net articles - that I had accumulated. I'm very keen to return to playing a Fantasy rank and flank game, and the updated Kings of War looks very appealing.

I have worked through Uncharted Empires and downloaded EasyArmy list software and have created a 2000 point Ratkin list. There have been quite a few unit changes since I last played four years ago and that will necessitate painting a couple of new models. I'm quite lucky in that I purchased Archvillian's Vermin army files earlier this year and Jack printed me off the full set on his resin printer. So I'll be breaking out the airbrush and painting them up.

This Saturday I have the first day of the Planetary Empires campaign I am organising for a group of local players interested in 40k narrative gaming. There are 8 of us ready to go and I have finished the board and unit markers. Six of us are playing at mine on Saturday. Hoping this will develop into a one day a month gaming event.

And those Hellions are still waiting to be done! 

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