Thursday, November 18, 2021

40k - Fields of Blood Warhammer 40k NZ Rankings

 After creating and then maintaining the Fields of Blood NZ Rankings since the start of 2008, I've decided to shelve the project going forward.

The rankings were created in conjunction with the FOB NZ Masters and were designed to encourage the 40k tournament scene in New Zealand.

They started with Excel spreadsheets, moved to a JV with Rankings HQ and finally arrived as an interactive part of my Fields of Blood blogsite.

Much thanks must go to Jack Dunn who created the backend for the website and acted as technical support for whenever I had a problem. He was the star of the operation and was always able to find time even when domiciled in Boston, studying for his Ph.D and then running his company.

Thanks also to the TOs who supported the Rankings by submitting the results of their events.

At various times Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Kings of War and Flames of War were supported by FOB rankings - as were KoW rankings for Australia and the UK. All were fun ventures and introduced me to some unique and interesting personalities 😅 

For me the Rankings were a fun exercise and no doubt helped to drive tournament attendance locally.

In the past few years there has been the development of other ranking sites internationally, so TOs will still have the opportunity to have their events "ranked" going forward.