Friday, November 12, 2021

40K - Planetary Empires Campaign

 I've been watching a few Youtube channels recently regarding narrative campaigns.

Given my disinterest regarding the current GT Chapter Approved Mission Pack, I was keen to still play 40k but perhaps to pursue a more narrative driven game. About 15 years ago GW released Planetary Empires which was their 40k version of Warhammer Mighty Empires. I have run a few ME Campaign Weekends and thought it might be fun to try the 40k version. I have also never painted up the PE box 😃

The rules for Planetary Empires can be found here

I approached the guys that recently played in the narrative game at the Warlords to see if they had any interest and got some positive responses. And also contacted another local who I knew had grown disinterested in the current competitive 40k meta.

So it looks a go. I'll get painting the set this weekend.

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