Sunday, November 14, 2021

40K - Painting Up Planetary Empires

 Friday night after work I pulled out my set of Planetary Empires ready to paint it up.

After clipping the hexes off the sprue, I gave them a spray with Army Painter Black Primer and then an overspray with some of their Brown.

From there I went through and blocked out all the buildings and fortifications on the sprue using ProAcrylic Dark Grey. The edges of the hexes were then repainted with Vallejo Black Primer.

I must have been quite prescient back in 2009 when I purchased the set as I also bought two packs of the add-on Hive City sprue which was sold separately. I would imagine that these are probably virtually impossible to source now but I can happily bask in the knowledge that I have four Hive Cities 😆

From here it was a case of adding the roads to the hexes and painting up the various structures, craters etc. There are six spaceports and then a multitude of Manufactoriums, Power Plants and Command Bastions to add to tiles. I sprayed these with Grey Primer and then gave them an acrylic wash.

Over the course of the next few evenings I will look to pick out some of the detail on the various structures.

So behold the province of Chadaquy, on the planet Kiltrup in the Tiberius Sector. It is a 52 tile landscape with four Hive Cities - Vulgagrad, St. Palantine, Monza, Boca - six spaceports and numerous Imperial facilities. 

 The two hives of Boca and Vulgagrad with their industrial environs.

Over the next week I am looking to translate the 2009 ruleset into something that works for 9th Edition. Currently have seven players signed up for the campaign with what looks like Ultramarines, Word Bearers, Death Guard, two Necrons, a Tyranid Hivefleet and a Dark Eldar raiding party. 

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