Tuesday, November 16, 2021

40k - The Pain of the Torturers - Dark Eldar in White Dwarf

 About 15 years ago I bought a 3rd Edition Dark Eldar army built and painted by Troy Forster. This army had appeared in White Dwarf (January 2001) - so over 20 years ago!!!!!

Over the years I have added some figures to it - bulking out units etc. Trying to match Troy's painting style is daunting to say the least.

Anyway I managed to track down the article on the army and thought I'd post it here.

I met Troy at the 2nd Liber Animus in 2005 where he was using a beautifully painted Ultramarines army that just pipped my Death Guard army for 1st Place. 

And strangely enough, ended up with a WHFB Empire army he built for a White Dwarf "Tale of Four Gamers" series - and he had passed on to Golden Daemon winner Gav Clarke. It is another beautifully painted army.

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