Thursday, November 25, 2021

KOW - WIP "Tangle" for my Ratkin

 Last evening I sprayed some models to paint up for my Ratkin to make them playable in v3 KoW.

The first I started to paint up was a resin model I picked up at Adepticon a few years ago. I can't remember the manufacturer's name but it was from a boutique sculpter rather than one of the bigger companies. Liked the sculpt but never had a use for it until I saw the "Tangle" in the Ratkin list.

The model is on a 50mm base at the moment - should give an idea of size.

Here are some WIP photos:

Of course as soon as I photographed it I saw the mold line on the tail 😒Other than that, I'm happy how it is coming on.

Need to finish some of the detail work, give it a matt varnish and then base it.

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