Monday, November 15, 2021

Hobby - What's Next?

 Having finished the Planetary Empires paintjob over the weekend, I'm looking at what projects I have coming up next.

1. Dark Eldar Re-basing

During 8th Edition I used a mix of Jack's 5th Ed DE and my 3rd Ed models. Jack had used some resin bases from a pre-cursor of Secret Weapon Miniatures and so I based the 3e models I required on the same. For 9th Ed I'm restricting my army to the 3 Ed models and so they need to go back to sand and flock (who uses flock!$#?). 

This should take me a couple of days.

2. Hellions & Wyches

The old metal Hellions and a unit of Wyches could do with a tidy up. Their current paintjob is a bit jarring. Think with a few evenings work that they can be made to look a lot better.

3. Viking Baggage

I need to make some baggage for my DBMM Viking army. I recently bought some Micro Arts Studio crates and sacks and have an old Longboat, so I think there is something I can do with that. Again I think there is probably 4-5 hours work.

Check back over the next week to see how much I get done 😃

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