Tuesday, November 9, 2021

40K - Old School Dark Eldar

 Over the past couple of months I have been tidying up my 3rd Ed Dark Eldar army for use in 9th Edition. I did play Dark Eldar in early 8th Edition but the figures were mostly from Jack's 5th Edition army. 

For 9th, I wanted to build a list that used as much of the mix of plastic and metal models GW released in conjunction with the 3rd Edition launch back in 1998. So I have been painting extra models to beef out units. The only real post 3e units are a small Court of the Archon (I wanted to paint a Sslyth!!!) and the inclusion of Wracks (using models that were 3rd Ed Grotesques). 

Most of the army was painted by Troy Forster - a regional manager for GW in the 00's - and featured in a six page spread in White Dwarf around 2002. I have been sourcing the original metal models and painting them to replicate Troy's paint job.

I've now finished the army except I have to replicate his basing - this weekend's job.

Here are a few army-wide pictures:

 Once I have standardised the basing I will take some unit photos. I will also pull out the original White Dwarf article, scan it and post a copy here.

The list I am using has three Patrols.

Cult of Strife
  • Succubus
  • 10 Bloodbrides
  • 10 Wyches
  • 5 Hellions
  • 5 Reavers
Kabal of the Black Heart
  • Archon
  • Court of the Archon - Sslyth, 2x Ur-Ghul, Medusae
  • 10x Trueborn Kabalites
  • 5 Kabalites
  • 5 Kabalites
  • 5 Mandrakes
  • 5 Mandrakes
  • 5x Raider
Prophets of Flesh Coven
  • Drazhar
  • 5 Wracks
  • 5 Wracks
  • 5 Wracks
  • 5 Incubi
  • 5 Incubi
  • 5 Scourges
It is very hard to make a bad Dark Eldar list out of the 9e Drukhari Codex so it should do okay. It has mobility, punch and 8 Obsec units so ticks most boxes.

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