Friday, November 26, 2021

40K - Planetary Empires Campaign - Background

 The Tiberius Sector has long been beset by conflict. In the past millenia it has seen multiple Chaos incursions, Ork Waaghs and privateer raids.

Within the Sector the planet of Kithrup has had to suffer more than its share of Xenos attacks and Chaos uprisings. However, over the past two hundred years there has been a fragile peace. In part this was because the High Lords had installed a force of Adeptus Custodes in St. Palatine, the Capitol of Chadaquy Province. The presence of the Emperor's footmen brought some semblance of order to Kithrup.

Unfortunately, that was all a facade!

Over the past ten years, there was first a Chaos uprising within the Monza Hive City. Cultists, inspired by the Word Bearers Legion, took control of the hive securing landing sites for Word Bearer dropships. The past 12 months have seen Lorgar's Legion reinforce Monza and now the entire populace has been subjugated.

If that wasn't problem enough for the Imperium, Adeptus Mechanicus servitors dug deep into the base of Kithrup's most populous hive city, Boca and found evidence of past inhabitants. Unfortunately, those past inhabitants were a Necron Dynasty who were then awakened. Six weeks later the entirety of Boca had a new Overlord.

Ever the opportunists, a passing Dark Eldar realspace raiding party picked up the distress calls coming from Boca and Monza. They diverted to the planet and descended on the fourth hive city, Vulgagrad. There they found a surfeit of specimens suitable to met the requirements of their in-house Coven's expansion plans. A different type of music is now emanating from that hive.

So the following situation exists across Chadaquy's four largest population centres:


Hive City





Word Bearers

St. Palatine





Dark Eldar




Faced with this triple threat, a distress message went out from St. Palatine. This was picked up by an Ultramarine Successor force travelling on the outskirts of the sector. They have just broken Kithrup's orbit and have secured one of the spaceports. What they weren't aware of was that they were being shadowed by Death Guard Pox Mongers who have secured their own landing site.

Of course the old folk wisdom is that "It never rains, it pours" and that is the case here. The disturbance of the Necron artefacts in Boca, triggered a signal to a second Necron force who have also entered the system. And in one of the remaining spaceports, there have been increased reports of aberrant behaviour and even some fanciful sightings of "genestealers". Strangely, all communications from that facility have now ceased.

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