Tuesday, November 9, 2021

DBMM - 15mm Egyptians Completed

 The changes to lists from DBM to DBMM meant I needed to add extra elements to my New Kingdom/Libyan Egyptian army.

This meant that I needed to paint my first 15mm figures in 20 years!!! The additional 28 elements required painting 84 infantry.

It was quite an interesting process painting 15mm after two decades of 28mm figures. Techniques have moved on since I last painted 15mm and not all the things I do for 28mm worked on the smaller figures.

In the end I found a black primer with white zenithal was okay for the smaller figures but that washes had to be more targeted. If I was too liberal with the wash then any pooling overwhelmed the smaller figure. When it occurred it just required a follow up step with paint to tidy up excess.

Now largely finished the Egyptians apart from 1-2 naval elements and possibly some mobile baggage.

My next DBMM project is to build some 28mm baggage for my 9th Century Vikings based around some longships.   

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