Monday, December 20, 2021

KOW - Battle Report: Ratkin vs. Forces of Nature III (Up Close & Personal)

 Another chance for a game on Saturday and again it is against Forces of Nature. We are still easing back into the game and so are still playing "Kill".

Carson made small changes to his list swapping out Air Elementals for Scorchwings. I was keen to look at the damage dealing capacity of my Ratkin when faced with a wall of De 5/6. Out went the Warrior and Wretch Hordes from the list, replaced with a third Horde of Shock Troops and a third Vermintide Regiment.

Forest Shambler Horde with two smaller Forest Shambler units beside. Behind those are a Earth Elemental Horde. In the centre are the Treeherder, Fire Elementals (Owlbears) and a Greater Earth Elemental. In the right of the picture are a Unicorn, Pegasus, Scorchwings and Wyrmriders.

Two Vermintide in front of the three Shock Troop Hordes, massed monsters on the Ratkin right with Brood Mum and Tangle behind.

Pre-game Shamble. I win the rolloff for first turn and give it to Carson. Forward come the FoN lines, including their very mobile left wing.

In the picture below, the Ratkin react to the advance by obliquing their line somewhat and starting to push forward the skirmisher screen.

In come the Shamblers hitting the Vermintide, while the Pegasus and Scorchwings contact the central MRF.

The Vermintide routs while the Fiend holds. In response, a Horde of Shock Troops come off the hill to hit one unit of Forest Shamblers, the Daemonspawn hits the other. The MRF countercharges the Pegasus and his mate charges the Scorchwings. Brood Mum casts Drain Life on the Scorchwings recharging the injured Fiend (four wounds).

Here you can see a second Vermintide has pushed forward to make itself annoying in front of the two Hordes. Unfortunately for the Ratkin, the Forest Shamblers survive with a Double One.

However, there is a real cleanout on the Ratkin right. The Daemonspawn removes the other unit of Shamblers, the central Fiend the Pegasus and the outer Fiend (helped by the wounds caused by the Brood Mother) routs the Scorchwings. The Ratkin have survived the first wave but the second wave is about to break!

The Shambler Horde and Earth Elemental Horde hit the Vermintide while the Engaged Shamblers countercharge the Shock Troops. The Fire Elementals charge the Daemonspawn while both MRFs are also charged - the central one by the Greater Earth Elemental and the outer one by the Unicorn and Wrymriders.

The Wyrmriders/Unicorn rout the MRF (I badly underestimated their combined output) while the rest of the line holds - apart from the Vermintide.

The Fiend, Shock Troops and Daemonspawn countercharge. The remaining Vermintide has a Hindered charge into the front of the Wyrms....its intent to die for the course. 

Shamblers are removed as are the Fire Elementals (again helped by Drain Life). The Brood Mum also uses the Torc on the Treeherder turning off the Surge spell next turn.

Turn 4 and the Hordes of Tree Shamblers and Earth Elementals charge the Shock Troops. The Treeherder hits the Daemonspawn, while the Greater Earth Elemental countercharges the MRF. The Unicorn charges the flank in support while the Wrymriders countercharge the Vermintide.

The Ratkin lose the Shock Troops but the rest of the units hold.

In response, the Shock Troop Horde charges down the hill into the Earth Elemental Horde while the other Shock Troops go into the flank of the Shamblers. The Daemonspawn supports the Shock Troops into the Elementals flank, with the Fiend countercharging the Unicorn.

Great results for the Ratkin as both Hordes are removed as is the Unicorn. However Turn 5 for the FoN leaves some quite juicy targets.

The Wyrmriders charge the Fiend who also gets the Greater Elemental in the flank. The Treeherder sacrifices himself charging the Daemonspawn ensuring it is Disordered (and therefore grounded next turn).

The Shock Troops charge the flank of the Treeherder and combined with the countercharge of the Daemonspawn, it is routed (removing the last Inspiring source for FoN).

Top of 6 and the Wyrmriders charge the very damaged Daemonspawn routing him while the Greater Elemental charges the Shock Troops.

The Ratkin respond by countercharging with one Shock Troop while the other charges the Wyrmriders. Brood Mum does her Drain Life wiggle and the Shock Troops with their 30 Attacks at CS(3) rout the Wyrmriders.

We roll for a 7th Turn but for the third game in a row, it is not to be. Points-wise the Ratkin have 785 points on the table versus 250 for Nature. That's enough to give the Rats a win. Again very hardfought.

Wrap Up

I was very happy at how well the Ratkin dealt with a frontal assault from the FoN heavy hitters however it raised issues re my list.

At present I am using the Daemonspawn like a Nimble MRF. Not sure that is his best role. He clearly is a bit of a crutch unit and I am hopeful over time I can drop him and spend the 345 points more widely. I'd really like to get another Brood Mother into the list and have more chaff units. Enjoyed having 65 point throwaways!!!

The other thing that I suspect I need to do is to stop playing "Kill" and start playing other scenarios. That may then help me focus my thinking around what direction to take the list.

Thanks again Carson, and next up is Forces from the Abyss.

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