Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Hobby - KOW: Varangur Lord on Frostfang

 About a decade ago, Maelstrom Games had the rug pulled out from under them when Games Workshop introduced geographical restraints on selling their product online. Prior to that Maelstrom had supplied the world with WHFB and 40k from Mansfield. Free shipping and dodgy customs valuations (Gift GBP10) on every parcel meant that they were delivering the product, to Asia-Pacific in particular, at between 50-60% of local RRP. Most gamers couldn't ignore those types of savings.

And then it stopped. And Maelstrom Games who had reinvested all their revenue into a gaming venue and the establishment of Mierce Miniatures, went broke within 6 months.

In the last few months of their existence, they had increasingly desperate sales of stock to try and generate cashflow. During that time I bought up a lot of the Mierce range at between 50-75% off list price. Most of my The Herd is Mierce and the models have found their way into a variety of other armies.

So when I was looking for a Lord on Frostfang for my Varangur I opened up my cardboard box marked Mierce and pulled out a Giant Werebear I had purchased at that time. It stands 4"+ tall but is compact enough to sit on a 50mm square base.

A lovely model to paint and I'm quite pleased happy with how it has come up. I've tried to pick up the volumes that will catch the light.

Varangur Lord, Bjorn Ironside

Base coats laid down

Purposely left all what will be shadowed areas very dark

Bjorn has suffered some battle damage. He has an axe wound in his left shoulder

Think he fits the aesthetic for a Lord on Frostfang

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