Thursday, December 9, 2021

Hobby - Housekeeping: We all Have To Do It!!

 One of the things you acquire when you run tournaments regularly is a stock of tabletops. These are generally 6' x 4' MDF or chipboard and at times I have had up to eighteen of them stored in my garage.

With me stepping back from organising as many events, I have been reducing that stockpile. Also, for those that know my place, when I host multiple games at my place I need to move the board up three floors.

So yesterday I decided to make that easier. I selected the four best boards and cut them in half. This gives me 8 4' x 3' boards which are much easier (and lighter) to maneuver. And as you can see from the picture are much easier to store.

I've offered the other boards to the Properly Cocked guys to give them a starting stock of tabletops for their events. Win-win.

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