Monday, December 6, 2021

Hobby - A Nice Surprise

Yesterday I called into the Properly Cocked 40k tournament which was substituted in when the 2021 40k Masters couldn't go ahead.

Over the past year I have actively been stepping back from organising/playing 40K events as competitive 40k in its current guise, isn't really doing it for me. Number of reasons for this but that's by the by. What is great, is that there are a number of other people willing to step into the role I had previously filled.

While visiting the event, the organisers presented me with a plaque (and a nice bottle of Pinot Gris) as thanks for the work in helping them put on their event and as a thanks for the efforts over the past 15-20 years.

Really appreciated the acknowledgement so thanks to all involved.

And if I was a Primarch.....I'd be Konrad Curze!


  1. Yep, well deserved. In particular your help with Charicon in 2019 was first rate. Look forward to having a game again once the ruleset gets back on track.

  2. Very well deserved Pete. I wasn't there for the first decade but really appreciate everything you've done in the 2nd!

    also isn't Konrad Curze dead?...

    1. You might think that...but isn't that what he'd want you to think