Friday, December 3, 2021

KOW - WIP of Mutant Rat Fiend

 Over the past week I have been working on my new Mutant Rat Fiend for my Ratkin army.

My aim is to get him on the table tomorrow , even if not completely finished.

The sculpt is from Archvillian Games "Affliction Outbreak" and is a model Jack printed for me on his resin printer. 

I painted it up in a classic mole rat skin suit 😊. Generally during the process, I like to take a few photos as it highlights the work I need to rat now has some nice red eyes....and provides detail I have missed (some of the metalwork on the leather yoke).

Not shown - and definitely not ready for tomorrow - are the crew for the howdah. I started work on them this morning prior to work.

The base is 75mm square to give some idea of scale. Since these pictures were taken I have worked up the river of ooze flowing from the sewer.


  1. It's a great sculpt, happy to see it fulfilling its life goal as an MRF ;) Paint's looking good as well.