Monday, December 13, 2021

KOW - Is This A "Get Out of Jail Free" Card?

 Over the weekend I was revising my Ratkin list in light of my recent games. At the end of that tortuous process I arrived at a place where I needed 15 points but only had 10 points is always so unfair!

That got me looking at the various 10 point items I could choose and whether I could console myself with one of them.

A Must-Have Item for every Brood Mother this Xmas?

The one that jumped out was:

TORC OF DISSONANCE - 10 point item for a Hero

Once per game, at the start of one or your Ranged phases, choose an enemy unit with a spellcaster tier within 12". Choose one of the spells known to that unit. During the enemy player's following Turn, the unit may not use the chosen spell.

Immediately there were a number of things that stuck me:

  • It is NOT a Ranged Attack - it just occurs in your Ranged Phase - so does not have the restriction associated with Ranged Attacks nor does it impede your ability to make a Ranged Attack as normal [WIN]
  • There are no targeting requirements on it apart from a range of 12" - so effectively a 360 degree sphere of influence [WIN]
  • It is certain. The spell is immediately turned off in the following turn. There is to barrier to meet...e.g. pass a 4+ die just doesn't happen [WIN]
I'm sure that there are numerous situations where it could prove useful - remove Heal or the ability to Fireball etc. However, the place where I can really see some value is turning off movement shenanigans around the use of Surge. This could literally be a game decider - for instance where an enemy unit does not have LOS to the flank at the start of the turn.

It doesn't have to be a "Gotcha" either. Having this ability in your toolkit could really play on the mind of your opponent if you are upfront about having it. The range and targeting requirements are also very advantageous given - in my case - it sits on a model that sits behind my battleline and is only Height 3 (so it could switch off a caster behind a cavalry unit for instance).

On the surface it looks like a very useful item to trial.


  1. There was also a recent article on dash28 on this. It looks pretty useful!

    1. Cool....having checked it out, it looks like we are very much on the same wavelength