Sunday, December 12, 2021

KOW - The Value of Ratkin Plague Pots

 Rainy Sunday afternoon so I was indulging in some list building with my Ratkin. As I expect is always the case, I was seeking to pare points where possible.

This got me looking at Plague Pots. The 15 point upgrade that gives you Ensnare and Stealthy for a turn. This is a "one turn only" item and must be deployed at the start of your turn. Generally it seems to be viewed as a must take so I was keen to look at the maths behind it.

Mrs. Mullens Enjoyed Her Supply Contract For Ratkin Plague Pots

Breaking out the calculator:

Crushing Strength/Piercing = 0 then Plague Pots reduce 0.083 wounds/attack

Crushing Strength/Piercing = 1 then Plague Pots reduce 0.11 wounds/attack

Crushing Strength/Piercing = 2 then Plague Pots reduce 0.14 wounds/attack

What this means is that they will probably save you just over 2 wounds per 20 shots with Piercing 1 (8.9 vs. 6.7 hitting on 3+ normally). For a Horde of Shock Troops with Rallying(2) and Inspired then the use in that situation is marginal. 

However if you are charged by Fire Elementals with 18 CS(2) attacks then those extra 2.5 wounds combined with Brutal may prove critical - suddenly you are potentially Wavered on a 10 (one in 6 rather than one in 36).

So are the Plague Pots worth 15 points? Certainly they are far better value on Shock Troops than Warriors where you are getting the same protection for point investment on a more valuable asset - Warrior Horde is 145 and Shock Troops 220....both receive same cover for 15 points.

There are other things to take into account. The are completely proactive. You must choose to deploy them before you know whether they are necessary. Can a similar "advantage" be gained by managing the separation of battlelines more effectively to maximise Ratkin speed? What is the psychological impact on opponents once you deploy them - does it make them hold off charging?

The key thing with Ratkin Shock Troops - to my mind - is that you want to ensure that they are survivable to fight twice in every combat (if necessary). Plague Pots can help that.....but I'm not sure whether they can necessarily ensure it.....however they certainly don't harm it.

Is the 45 points across an army a digestible tax to pay?

Love to know people's thoughts.

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