Friday, December 10, 2021

KOW - Unit Options Within My Ratkin

 Now with the grand total of TWO games of v3 Kings of War under my belt, I am looking at my list and seeing what changes I would make.

Currently I am running two Hordes of Shock Troops and I am wondering whether to try an squeeze in a third - my poor v2 Blight are sitting on shelf squeaking loudly that they are being ignored.

A Horde of Shock Troops costs 220 points. A Plague Pot upgrade seems a no-brainer so the cost is 235 points.

To fund this from my current list the most obvious choice would be to replace a Horde of Warriors (with Pots) at 160 points and a Vermintide Regiment at 65 points. This means I'm 10 points short but I'm currently looking at whether I persevere with the Caterpillar Potion on a Shock Troop Horde. An alternative is too replace a Mutant Rat Fiend (220 points) with more Shock Troops and use some of my Caterpillar Points.

So to analyse the choice:

Warriors + Vermintide vs. Shock Troops
  • Requires +10 points
  • US agnostic - both US4
  • One less drop
  • Vermintide are a battery for Drain Life/Eat the Weak from the Brood Mother rather than a frontline unit - in a pinch with Nimble can threaten a flank (but limited damage potential - hits on 5s/9 attacks base - expect 1 wound vs. De 6 if in flank or 2 vs. De 5
  • Warriors - 25 attacks at 5s - 8 hits whereas Shock Troops - 30 attacks at 4s - 15 hits and at base CS(1)
  • Similar DE
  • Shock Troops have +1 Nerve
At a headline level - an assuming good gameplay - the Shock Troop option appears to offer more hitting power. However the unknown is whether the reliance on a single Vermintide Regiment for recharge is too limiting.

MRF vs. Shock Troops
  • Requires 15 points
  • Replaces US1` with US4
  • MRF has speed advantage of +1" - so 2" charge, a smaller footprint and has Strider
  • MRF self-heals through Regen 5+ and Radiance (1 wound/turn) and can't be Wavered. Heals Vermintide an average 2 wounds/turn
  • MRF - 10 attacks at 3s - 6.67 hits at CS(2) equates to ~3.5 wounds on De 6; The Shock Troops would do 5 wounds against the same target
The swap in this case is not really like for like - and as such is less compelling for me. I worry about the MRF's De 4 as it doesn't take much for it to be wounded on 2s and at the risk of a poor Nerve roll.

Wrap Up

When I look at the numbers I quite like the first option - swapping out the Warriors and Vermintide - and think as player ability improves it offers additional bang for buck. The issue is the loss of a second recharge battery.

What do you think?


  1. Triple Shock Troops will certainly do work! I prefer keeping the second MRF myself (not just because your minis for them are awesome), but running the numbers I found that you can throttle your current list (or as close as I can guess from the last batrep) and keep the two vermintide as well. The only upgrade is plague pots on the 'Blight' horde, with 15 pts left for something on the Brood Mom (Hex Wand?) or maybe something tasty on a Shock Troop horde (Strider Boots?)

    Also a note on Eat the Weak, she can cast it on Expendable, which includes the Warriors and Wretches. The Vermintide are more ideal, being chaff units not intended to take a hit, but if they're all gone - having done chaffing duties elsewhere - you can eat those hordes too.

    1. Currently, I have Brew of Sharpness on one Shock Troop and Caterpillar on the other...

      With the new iteration I give up Caterpillar for a 10 point item.

      If I wanted to keep the second Vermintide I'd need to sacrifice the Brew of Sharpness and one Plague Pot.....

      At present I like having a constant CS(2) on one ST, leaving me to Bane Chant the others where needed to bring to CS(2). Hoping that still works with 3 Shock Troop units