Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Hobby - Blank Slate

 For the first time in living memory I have a clean hobby desk.

By this I mean that I have no hobby projects backed up, staring at me accusingly. Sure, I have unpainted models......but a significant amount less than I had a year ago. Over the past year I've painted up accumulated armies - Death Guard, Yorkist WotR, Legio Vulpa - and added units to existing armies - Mongol Conquest, Patrician Roman, Norse Viking, Varangur, Ratkin, Dark Eldar - and that has seen the "pile of shame" dramatically diminish.

Not a Hobby Desk.....but a Clean Desk Nonetheless

The other major contributor to the reduction was a change in my buying habits. In 2021 I purchased a single 40k model....the Dark Eldar Sslyth. And he was painted immediately. Other than that the only other purchases from Games Workshop were the odd paint and the two boxed sets, Cursed City and WarCry. In a "Come to Jesus" moment in September/October I released I was never likely to paint them and sold them off to the local market...remarkably both held their original purchase value.

So what hobby in 2022?

There are 30 Poxwalkers I could paint for my Death Guard. I have the figures and bases and these could be an option. However, I have really lost interest in the current direction of 40k - recent upcoming rules releases from GW don't fill me with confidence that it will change - and so there is no pressing need.

For Xmas, I received 2L of resin for 3D prints from Jack. At present I'm perusing various creator libraries for a suitable project - there are some nice Crusader/Bretonnian/Medieval Knight figures available - that I could build into a KoW army if so inspired.

But for the moment nothing is jumping out as must do.....strange times indeed!


  1. A blood bowl team? Greebo do some awesome figures, their Dark Elves are tasty.

    1. I'll have a look. I have my Skaven team and never played a game....need to look them out