Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEWS FLASH - Warhammer World Rocked By Redundancy

And in other news:

The Warhammer World was today rocked by the release of new FAQs for Army Book and the big 8th Ed rulebook.

These FAQs saw the mass retirement of Chaos Lords as the Standard of Discipline became all the rage for those from the northern wastes. Retirement homes in Kurgan, Hung and Norsca expected to see an influx of battle weary killing machines made redundant in the wake of this year's must have item.

Suddenly all the talk was of downsizing with the Sorceror Lord being the major beneficiary. Recruitment agencies were besieged by people trying to secure proponents of the Dark Arts.

"I thought I had a job for life" said Trajan Nawak, previous leader of the Nemesis Incursion, "however the guys took a vote and plumped for a restructuring."

We understand that the previously little known mage Spotin Thesun will now lead the next invasion.

Comment from other races was quick. "Well if you can't beat them" squeaked Seerlord Morskitta.

"Certainly it opens up other opportunities for me" said the Dark Elf Sorceress Malikant, "first of all I can lose this bloody pegasus."

Other races weren't so happy. "Bloody typical" grumbled Thane Snori Nosebleed.

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