Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Orktoberfest This Weekend - How the Valiant Were Ambushed

So this weekend I'm going to Orktoberfest in Brisbane. Fortunately for me, my lovely wife Lynne thinks us having a four day weekend in Brisbane for our wedding anniversary is a fantastic idea! I get two days to play dollies while she shops.

I love the Orktoberfest tournament. I've been the past two years and it is my favourite event of the year. There is a bit of a cloud over the 2010 event due to "The Sundering" brought on by 8th Edition but I'm sure it will still be a great event.

Of course I am taking my Skaven (I'll post up my list tomorrow) and there is the added bite that I have to overcome "The Ambush". In 2006 Brad Morin (of GW US fame) was one of the big stars of the Melbourne 40k scene. We had a first round grudge match at Liber Animus III where is Dark Eldar Wych Cult took on my Craftworld Ulthewe. I'm going to say I slapped him around (but truth be told I think it was a close one) and came out on top. The forfeit was the loser had to grow his hair for six weeks. Now Brad is a nude nut, a total chrome dome, grinning skull, whatever you want. At the end of the time his crown was covered in a blanket of ginger fuzz.

Fast forward four years and little did I know how deep the resentment ran. I suggested that Brad and I play in the first round at Ork so we can catch up and have a natter. "Sure" he says and off I go expecting a nice friendly game.

Well it's not to be. Fresh off winning Conflict in Melbourne Brad is bringing "Nails" to Orktoberfest. For him the ambush has been sprung and I wandered into blissfully unaware.

So what am I facing? well just about the hardest Daemons of Chaos list you can construct at 2000 points.

Bloodthirster? Check

Tzeentch Herald with Master of Sorcery and Lore of Life? Check

Two Khorne Heralds? Check

Two Bloodletter Buses? Check

Block of Horrors? Check

Multiple Single Fiend units? Check

Big unit of Flamers? Check

As I said - NAILS!

And like a Babe in the Woods here I am meandering blissfully unaware towards it when I submitted my list.

Really Brad you shouldn't let such bitterness consume you.

My "friend" now has the temerity to try and claim underdog status.

But still your startled hearts, dear readers - I'll try my best with Seerlord Morskitta's brave, valiant and virtuous sons of Skavenblight.

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  1. Best of luck to Seerlord Morskitta, but don't be valiant or virtuous!
    Do instead what Skaven do best... underhanded, massively powering in terms of cheap units, and backed-up by wickedly weird weapons of rodent war!