Friday, October 29, 2010

Orktoberfest Wrap

First of all apologies for the delay in posting this week, real life got in the way.

Last weekend was Orktoberfest in Brisbane and I took my Skaven across. My list (2000 points) was as follows:

Grey Seer
Plague Priest on Furnace
2x Warlock Engineers

2x 25 Clan Rats
2x 40 Slaves
1x 35 Slaves

21 Plague Monks
6 Gutter Runners

Hell Pit Abomination

The tournament was six games and though I made a few mistakes I managed to win five of my six games. All were hard fought, two turning my way in the last couple of turns. The game I lost (Daemons of Chaos - James Moorhouse, I felt hinged on one critical dice roll which did not go my way. The margin of victory in this game should have been greater to James but time ran out and he fully deserved his 16-4 win.

The tournament was dominated by Lizardmen - filling all top four slots and five of the top 10. I was next at 5th (field of 44), 5 BPs behind the winner. I also managed to pick up Players Choice for Best Painted army. Congrats to all the winners.

My opponents did not like the 2 WLCs and in future I'll drop one and restrict myself to two Rare choices to make the army more comp friendly.

I'm hoping that the Lizard lists also show some restraint in future - a Slaan with Life/Death magic, Focused Rumination and Becalming Cogitation is not much fun for their opponents. When this is layered with Focus of Mystery, Cupped Hands and placed in a Stubborn unit it gets very hard to get any points out of the army.

More later today.

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