Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Battle Report - Ratkin v. Varangur in Pillage

After playing Ryan, I had a second game against Sam and his Varangur. Again we used the CoK tweaks and we rolled up five objective items.

On my right there were two objectives and I deployed the Blight, a Slave regiment and the Swarm-Crier to look after them. My Daemonspawn sat behind the impassable terrain , at least getting the benefit of cover. Opposite were a Fallen horde, some Wolves and a mounted hero.

In the centre I had my Engines, more Slaves, Brutes, shock Troops and Weapons Teams. They were faced by two Magnus Conclaves, mounted SoK regiment, a horde of Direfangs and a Devourer.


First turn saw a general move forward. The Conclaves removed a Weapons Team while I put all my shooting possible into the SoK.

My shooting/magic removed the Sons and I sent the Daemonspawn out to clean up the Conclaves so they couldn't endanger my scoring units.

On my right, Sam moved forward and set up a breath weapon attack from his hero. I sent the Slaves into the Hero but as expected "bounce" then destroyed by hero plus wolves.

The Slaves go into the Devourer and ping a couple of wounds. This allows the Weapons Team to move into range. The Daemonspawn takes out one Conclave and the other plus Mage disappear through the wood.

The Engines pummel the Direfangs who then remove the Slave Horde. This sets up the Shock Troops to charge them.

Over on my right, the mounted SoK remove the Slaves while the Fallen hit the Blight.

The results are predictable with my Blight left by themselves. However they have managed to tie up a lot of the Varangur.
The Devourer is removed leaving no scoring units on the left. This allows the Brutes to push into the woods. Sam's shooting kills the Slaves but I have an Engine to move onto the objective by the tower.

My Daemonspawn comes back into the middle and starts to shoot at the Wolves sitting on the rightmost objective. The Shock Troops have killed the Direfangs leaving me to face off against Sam's triumphant left.

The Ratkin are now in full control of the centre and left. The Death Engine will move back onto the tower objective.

I am taken a bit by surprise when the mounted SoK (empty tray) and Hero charge the Shock Troops - and go through them. However Sam is running out of scoring units and I'll bring this to bear in Turn 6.

I push my units up to stop the mounted hero contesting the centre objective while blasting still at the Wolves. Sam moves the SoK onto the empty objective on my right but can't get to the centre one. The game ends and I am up 3-2.

Here you can see the final position on the left as Mage and Conclave scuttle away in the distance.

Again, another good game where the scenario dictated the strategy.
I love this aspect of the game and the way it adds multiple dimensions to your play. The uncertainty around a 7th turn creates a further layer.
In this game my strategy was to tie up Sam's troops on my right while I could destroy his centre and (my) left troops with my shooting and magic. By removing his Scoring units I felt I had three objectives under control and would make it difficult for him to win. I was happy when he reinforced his left with the mounted SoK as it made it hard for him to get them back into the centre to bring them to bear.
Fun times.


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  1. This was a fun gameplay to watch! I've linked your battle report in my list: Kings of War gameplays