Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

No gaming this weekend. I had a game lined up versus Lliam's Empire of Dust but I was informed that I'd rather help my in-laws organise their garage.

However all was not doom and gloom. Lists for this weekend's tournament were due and I have been checking them. Only error in those received was that someone forgot that you can't give Living Legends Artifacts. I'm still waiting for two lists - hurry up Higgins and Ryan Lister.

Received a package of new filament for the 3D printer last week and have been printing off a new building over the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up tomorrow. These are some of the biggest prints I've done so keen to see how they fall.

Last week was my last at work and things got quiet as I'd transitioned most work over to people in the last month - amazing what a motivated departee can achieve. I had free time so spent it converting all my Winterdale files into Gcode so they are ready to print. Amazing how much the Printable Scenery Kickstarters gave you.

Also snapped up a Trade Me bargain on some NIB Morghasts - the start of a Night Stalkers army. And with Brexit pushing the NZD to 52 pence I bought a Forgeworld Morghoul - a model I've wanted ever since I saw it first.

Finally I've continued reading War of the Roses histories. I'm now about eight books in for 2016 and starting to get a real feel for the period. The big problem is resisting buying figures until I get through the backlog. I'm lucky in that I've got a local who has available painting slots I can contract. This means my Herd will see tables this year.

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  1. I have immediate Morghoul envy. That model is superb.