Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

So I've spent most of the last three days moving my in-laws into their new home. That has really put the kibosh on much hobby.

However Maelstrom IX was on this weekend organised and run by my mate, Hagen. I supplied tables and cloths plus three tables of terrain for the event. Local ex-WHFB gamers, Sam Whitt and Jeff Kent were playing in the event and crashed at mine on Saturday night which meant we went out for a nice Thai meal and a few beers. Looking at the results it looks like neither of them bothered the scorers, both finishing in the both third.

Speaking of results, I worry about the competitiveness of the local 40k tournament scene when a guy who hasn't rolled a dice in anger for six years can pick up an army he has never played - Necrons - and steer it into 2nd place in a 32 man field. Well done to Jason Isaac on the result but hang your head in shame regular 40k players.

I did manage to get a game in early Sunday before heading out to the in-laws. Neil came across from Masterton and brought his Goblin army with him - comprising 22 units!!! We managed to get our horde on in Kill and Pillage with the Ratkin getting 4 of the 5 objectives with the fifth contested, as well as being ahead on VPs. The game went to the wire though with Neil having 22secs left and me 15secs. We were both lucky there was no seventh turn.

I was really impressed by Neil's Mawbeasts. They appear very good value for their points with Me 3+ and Vicious. In the Ratkin I am losing patience with my Brute Horde and I may look to replace with a Horde of Spear Warriors at the same point.

The more I play KoW, the more I am enjoying the game. The real win for me is the time you don't spend on rules issues. This leaves time to focus on tactics rather than interpreting rules. A lot of our locals are building new armies which will increase the challenge on offer.

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