Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

After spending Saturday putting up curtain tracks at my in-laws new house, I got Sunday for gaming.

I managed to get in a couple of games using the new CoK Tournament Tweaks and must say that they did improve the game. The first game was against Ryan's Undead (battle report is up) and the second versus Sam's Varangur (report to come).

In addition to these games I managed to continued to work on my Herd. I know a lot of people don't like Citadel "Liquid Green Stuff" but I find it great. Using it I was able to quickly fill in any cracks in my 30 resin wolves. It dries fast and last evening I was able to clean up any excess very quickly. With resin it is far faster than traditional GS for hairline gaps.

I also worked on putting my Mantic Centaurs together. Personally I am not a fan of these models. While the sculpts are a great improvement on Mantic's previous figures, they have made some strange production decisions. The first is that they have created a multipart model that is more reminiscent of a plastic model. This makes it very fiddly to put together. I'm not sure why they have gone with so many pieces. Secondly, the metal is very soft. I worry a little bit about the long term survivability of the legs. That said the Centaurs are far nicer than the GW models - or in fact any other of same genre that I've seen - but beware they are a bitch to put together and not for beginners.

Yesterday I took the Sarissa mdf bases I have bought for the army and gave them all a magnetic bottom. This will let me carry the army on the metal trays that I use to store figures.

Speaking of basing, picked up cork sheeting and then scoured the garden for bits of rock, twig etc so I can start on my first bases for The herd. Looking to base some Pestigors I painted 5-6 years ago but never used.

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  1. The liquid green stuff is great for so many odd jobs. I also use it to repair lances that inevitably snap off by creating a sheath for the join and thickening the haft of the weapon.