Thursday, June 16, 2016

Four Legs Good....Two Legs Better!

And in the best traditions of George Orwell:

"It’s back! From September, White Dwarf is returning as a monthly magazine and it’s bigger and better than ever before!

That’s right, from September White Dwarf will be back as a glossy 156-page, A4 monthly magazine with all the news, features and pictorials you know and love and a whole chunk of new stuff you never imagined. News, Golden Demon, Battle Reports, Painting Masterclasses, Designers’ Notes, exclusive games, new rules and more! And, of course, gorgeous photographs of the best miniatures in the world.

The first issue is out on Friday 2 September and comes with our most amazing cover mount ever – a special gift to you to celebrate the glorious return of monthly White Dwarf."

I love the "whole chunk of new stuff you never imagined".

You mean all the things White Dwarf used to have until it was turned into an advertising platform.

To quote the ghosts of past announcements with the cynicism it deserves:

This is GREAT NEWS!!!!! (tm)


  1. Peter
    Very true. While only an occasional 'gamer from the GW stable, I used to buy WD regularly as a great source of inspiration. I took many of the painting tips into my painting of lots of other stuff. I stopped buying it when (even before it changed format) it became more about advertising and less about content. I crave a good quality 'gaming magazine. The Society of Ancients, and SOTCW, journals are great.. love 'em, but they aren't full colour glossy hobby mags, if that makes sense?

  2. Why do GW have a Golden Demon comp/award, when all their models are Daemons with a diphthong?
    One of life's little mysteries.

  3. That's a nice start for us old grumpy people all we need is adopt the 9th age rules and can aos as we are sweet

  4. In a move surprising no one...