Monday, June 6, 2016

Battle Report - Undead vs. Ratkin in Invade

Yeaterday Ryan came around for a game and we thought we would try out the Tournament Tweaks that were included in the CoK tournament pack. We rolled up "Invade" and the key change here is that individuals only count for half points if they get into the opposing half.

Neither of us had Allies nor did we break any replication rules. Ryan had two units of Wraiths while I had the Daemonspawn with wings. Those were the only flyers.

The Ratkin setup - Slaves, Brutes and more slaves, backed up by Weapons Teams, Daemonspawn, Death Engines and Shock Troops. On far flank are the Blight and Slaves supported by a Swarm-crier.

The Undead have Ghouls, two Wraith units, a mounted vamp, legion of Zombies, Liche, cavalry, wrym revanent , werewolves and ghouls and mounted vamp on the far side.

Ryan won the roll for first turn and gave it to me. The Rats move forward and start with a couple of Lightning bolts doing minimal damage.

On the far side the Blight move up to the obstacle.

Undead move forward tentatively, heal the wounds on Wyrm and cavalry. Below you can see the Wyrm and werewolves are getting closer.

Up come the Ghouls and the Vamp. Blight aren't too worried because if they stay on barrier they are -2 to hit.

The Rats seize the wood and push the infantry up to the halfway point. The two Engines and the Warlock manage six wounds on the Wyrm.

The Daemonspawn blasts the first unit of Wraiths doing a couple of wounds.

The Blight have continue to move forward and are now eyeing the Ghouls. Meanwhile the Slaves have edged forward not realising their part in operation "Tethered Goat".

Ryan cleans out the Slaves and as I continue to push forward I manage to continue to put wounds on Wyrm and werewolves. I manage to charge the Wyrm with the Slave Horde and chip more wounds on the Wyrm. Ryan brings the Werewolves into the flank of the horde and they pop the slaves. However this is good for me as it lets me get a charge from Daemonspawn into flank of Wyrm and charge the werewolves with Banechanted Shock Troops.

On my left I am starting to feel that my flank is going to disintegrate. The Wraiths hit Slaves and Brutes while Zombie legion shuffles forward.

The Vamp on the far flank helped the werewolves dispose of the Slaves but the Blight have used the distraction to see to the ghouls. The Vamp now has some decisions to make as the Blight are now unimpeded if they want to go into Ryan's half.

Here you see the situation just after the Slave horde has gone.


The Wraiths waver the Brutes and bounce of Slaves. Rather than countercharge I pull back to allow the two Weapon Teams to hit one unit and the two Engines to hit the other.

I get enough casualties to make them both "pop". One is Inspired but the other isn't. A bit of luck for the Rats.

The Shock Troops blow away the Werewolves but the Wyrm holds on a 3 after the flank charge from the Daemonspawn.

Below the Vamp starts his mission to stall the Blight.

Here is the moment when my left flank collapses. Ghouls hit injured Slaves, Vamp into Weapons Team and Zombies into Brutes. I have erred in not having Inspiring close enough by.....and pfft.

The Wrym who is wavered awaits its fate.

The two flank units engage in a stalemate.

Below the Shock Troops have accounted for the Wyrm and reformed to face the cavalry. The Zombies and cavalry are eyeing the forest slaves. They both charge them and the Slaves rout.

At the same time I try to delay the victorious Undead with a surplus Weapons Team - yes, we Rats are cynical - and will use Engines to hit the cavalry who have entered the wood.

My Daemonspawn has gone to address my Vampire problem.

Although Hindered, the Banechanted Shock Troops destroy the cavalry and move into Ryan's half. I lose one Engine but the other tries to get to a scoring position as well.

My Blight have moved sideways to try and get in half - rather than charge Vamp. The Daemonspawn has done the same meaning it is now scoring and Vamp will need to leave my half if it charges (losing its VPs). Instead it heads over and tries to kill the Engine to stop it getting into Ryan's half if there is a turn seven.

The Liche moves into my half but the Zombies can't quite get there.

There is no Turn Seven and when we total up the points I am up by around 160 - a draw. The Liche moving in has saved the day for the Undead. A seventh turn would have given me the win as the Blight and Zombies swap points but my Engine would march and The Vamp would have to give up his points to get him. However a draw is a fair result for what was a really close, fun and intense game.

Comment on New Rules

The new rules did impact the game. In one case my Daemonspawn was limited in his options as he lost the Nimble that comes with Fly after being Disordered. And the Individuals only counting half points in the scenario hurts the Mounted Vamp build.

Both of us thought the tweaks made for a much more tactical game and improved the overall scenario.



  1. Great report - thanks for the read!

  2. Thanks for writing that up. Was a good match and outcome.

  3. This was a good report with very nice scenery! I've included this in my list of KoW battle reports: Kings of War gameplays