Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The CoK Tournament Pack - Why It Matters!

A lot of "noise" in the online KoW world has been about the recently released players pack for Clash of Kings tournament in the UK.

Why is this pack so important? Well, it has a quasi "official" status as it has been put together by Mantic's Rules Committee and released by the Company. And of course "Clash of Kings" is Mantic's flagship KoW event.

The pack contains a number of rules tweaks that have been tested by the Rules Committee in their playtesting sessions. They can be broken down into five clear groups:
  • Re-balancing of Cursed Pharoah
  • Clipping the wings of Flyers
  • Changing the victory conditions for some scenarios
  • Limiting potential for spam
  • Addressing common Allies choices
Personally I think all the changes probably improve the game - and I'm willing to trust the Rules Committee's efforts. However I have a problem....they are not Official.

When I say that I mean they are neither errata or part of a Mantic Games Official Tournament Pack. Instead they are a set of rules for a specific event. With rules changes - both as a TO and a player - I prefer the stamp of approval.

I do think our local community should adopt them for events - and I'd like to use them as routine from here both for tournament and pick up games. Why?
  • The Rules Committee believe these tweaks are necessary
  • They are likely to be part of an eventual official tournament pack
  • They are independent of the local community and so they can be no charge of bias against a TO by individual players
It would be great as an NZ (or greater Wellington) community that we could agree whether we want to use these so called "Tournament Tweaks". I think it needs to be an All or Nothing approach - both in terms of the full suite of changes and using them for foreseeable future events.

I have asked the Rules Committee whether they can release them with an "Official" stamp on them but that is a decision for Mantic.


  1. Just embrace the changes Pete.
    You know you want to.

    Like you I think they are improvements and will soon be official anyway.

  2. I would be in support of using them.

  3. I am in favour of adopting the changes.

  4. Agreed, they're sensible changes for a better world.

  5. I support all changes except for any relating to pharaohs.

  6. C'mon Pete - I've finished my book. Give us something to read.