Monday, May 9, 2016

WSS Autumn - Photo Shoot

Here is a selection of photos from last weekend's KoW tournament:

Best Sport Ryan Lister makes his move against Nick Jebson. Nick had a hard day but these games meant he took his KoW total to five.
First round action early Saturday morning.
Neil Williamson's Varangur take on Wil Hoverd's Empire of Dust.

I'm not entirely sure that Ryan is drinking Nick's Kool-Aid
Massed ranks of Goblins
And the Goblin King, Sam Whitt
Wil's massed Chariots
Matt Barker's Undead begin the march forward.
Ryan's Undead do likewise.
The Night Stalkers of Luke Forrest creep up the flank
Doppelgängers charge the Twilight Kin Reaper Guard
Revanent on Wyrm takes on the TK cavalry with the help of Wraiths
Goblins seem to have the Elves pinned back
The Twilight Kin are holding the Undead for the moment.
Goblins' Trolls turn on the Treeherder (forgetting the mission which eventually costs them the game)
Although the EoD were in early trouble they eventually sneaked a tight win over the Varangur
Dwarfs doing what they do best - nothing!
The Goblins have swept away the Elves but forgot to press the advantage in Invade.
Night Stalkers chewing on some bones
The Goblins pressing forward in Loot against Tane Woodley's Dwarfs.
The Night Stalkers take the centre versus the Twilight Kin
An Elf Off! It's a pity someone has to win
Undead up against the Empire of the Dust
Tane's Dwarf including "Krystal with a K" - Behemoth - takes on the Undead
Part of Lliam Munro's Best Presented Army EoD
Higgins' Dwarfs still doing nothing
Wil Hoverd's Romano EoD
Girl Power - "Krystal (with a k) & the Elementals
The Hydras try to turn back the Night
Eventual winner Wil Hoverd on Table 1 versus Hugh Dixon
The bottom table Round 4 - Nick v. Sam
Peter Williamson and Tane Woodley playing for Second Place. Peter won a hard fought game.
What happens when Elf Pear stand in front of three monsters?

This happens! That's what!


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  1. Nice work on the photos Pete. No sure what Nick and I were discussing!