Sunday, May 8, 2016

Warlords Super Series "Autumn" Results

WSS KoW "Autumn" event was held yesterday - 14 people, four rounds, 2000 points.

The results were as follows:

Best Sport - Ryan Lister

Best Presented Army - Lliam Munro

The Empire of Dust was well and truly waxing.

Thanks to all competitors it was an easy even to run. I will look to post the questions I was asked during the event in next day or so.

I have lots of Pics which I will look to post as well.

The next local event is WSS "Winter" on July 2nd.


  1. Errr...What's the Save our Sausages score?
    Looks like I did quite well with that.

  2. Remember when Sam Whitt was good at wargames?

  3. The pain I feel at the defeat of the gobbo list has spurred me to get my tactical thoughts on winning with gobbos down:

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for the results. I wonder if any of the participants wrote or is going to write a bit more about their own adventures during the event. If yes, where should I look for the write ups?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yeah - disappointing that the jerkhammer blog went dark.

    2. I might write something up on the forum eventually.

    3. Jerkhammer author didn't play at the event

    4. I did a write up.