Thursday, May 12, 2016

Enter The Herd

I've been looking at building a new army for Kings of War. What I want to take advantage of is the capacity for multi-basing.

One of the drivers is also to build something that we don't see in our local community. This directed me towards Night Stalkers, Abyssal Dwarfs, Abyssals or The Herd. In the last few weeks Luke Forrest's Stalkers have taken the table and Lliam Munro has started work on his Abyssals.

I have an unpainted Big Hats army and I'm certainly keen to progress them. However I have decided to build my Herd army first. I've got a lot of Mierce Miniatures that I've purchased through Kickstarters over the past 4-5 years. This therefore is an opportunity to use some of these figures.

Last night I cracked out the box of figures stored down in the Dunn-geon and started putting them together. The Mierce figures are all resin and so I've taken the opportunity to pin where necessary.

There are a lot of bestial infantry as well as boar cavalry and unencumbered boars.

And the backbone. Lots of Minotaurs in evidence. A large Ghorgan - or Brutox in the new parlance.

I've also been buying figures this week to round out the army:

  • 30 resin wolves
  • 9 Malifaux boars
  • Mantic Centaurs and Gargoyles
  • Bulk lot of OOP GW gors.

On top of this I have about 40 metal OOP GW Pestigors that I'll use as Longhorns and/or Spirit Walkers.


I've already been told on our local What's App group that The Herd are broken.....guess I'll find out.



  1. Actually, it's you loudly proclaiming that they're broken, maybe to pre-empt everyone. It does make a change from hearing how underpowered Skaven/Ratkin are.

    Honestly though, I don't know if I've come across anything that's truly 'broken' so far in KoW. Some things are too good/bad for their points, but compared to Warlocks, 3+ Ward flying Tzeentch Lords or the whole 7th Ed Daemons book, the game is very even.

    1. Warlocks were perhaps 2 points less than they should have been..

  2. The Herd Broken? Yeah, that´s why I only killed today 2 hordes of vermintide in exchange of all my army being destroyed... :D

    1. They aren't broken...totally underpowered my Goat Shaman tells me.