Monday, May 9, 2016

Terrain Set Ups from WSS "Autumn"

Below are pictures of the seven table setups for WSS Autumn giving some idea of the terrain density that we use. I tried to get a mix of pieces on all tables. I made a general call that single step hills were Height 2 and Double Step Hills were Height 4/2. Woods all Height 4 as were buildings.

All the tables had at least 2-3 obstacles to break up Cavalry charges.



  1. I thought the terrain was aesthetically excellent (as usual) and had a good effect on the gameplay. Overall, really good.

  2. All the tables I played on were great - I think it ticked all three of my boxes:
    1) It wasn't a straightforward choice which side to pick if I won the roll
    2) Terrain had a strategic impact on both sides during the game
    3) Terrain did not slow down the game or unduly favour one play-style.