Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

It was a pretty quiet weekend for me on the hobby front as televised sport took the priority. After the Saints won at "no-rules" (AFL), the Warriors bounced back in the NRL. I was feeling pretty happy until an insipid display by Liverpool at Swansea.

However hobby was had. On Friday evening I put together the metal War Wagon I recently purchased. It went together pretty well though there was a slight war in one side - but nothing I couldn't straighten in the hobby vice.

On Saturday morning Sam and I played a game, Ratkin vs. Goblins in "Kill". This proved to be a really great game and a real change for me as I was outnumbered for once. I managed to make inroads on my right flanks before breaking Sam's centre. However a couple of mistakes by me in the last turn allowed Sam to pull it back to a draw. It was very bloody - I had 655 points left while Sam had 570 points. Both of us felt this was one of our most enjoyable KoW games to date and illustrated the fun you can have when two lots of rabble go at one another.

Painting wise I continued with my "Frenzied Mob" figures which are starting to show progress.

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