Monday, May 9, 2016

Umpire Questions at WSS "Autumn"

I thought that it would be worthwhile to list the questions I was asked at WSS Autumn and the answers that I gave.
  1. Does Stealthy affect Breath Weapons - NO
  2. Are you Hindered on a Surge Charge if you went over an obstacle in the Move Phase - NO
  3. Line of Sight from a hill and intervening cover - Rules clearly set out in cover section
  4. Can Wavered Troops use Nimble then move backwards, effectively moving sideways but with changed facing - YES
  5. Can Flyers pivot over intervening troops without fully clearing unit - YES, as long as final placement clears all friends and is 1" from enemy
  6. Are Flyers Hindered if they start charge in Difficult Terrain - NO
  7. Obstacles (Fences & Walls) are Height 1 for Cover but do not block Line of Sight
The rest of questions were about scenario conditions or for rulings on either distance or whether charge could be completed.


  1. 5) I always though the pivot itself had to end clear of all enemy models by 1" - unless I missed something?