Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Herd" Progressing

Over the past week I've put together the Herd figures I had available - removing mold lines and green stuffing gaps. Last evening I primed them all black ready for painting.

Ready for paint are:

  • 2x Stampede
  • 2x Guardian Brutes
  • Brutox
  • Avatar of the Father (Ungor)
  • Totem (Mierce Giant with Obelisk)
  • Horde of Lycantrophes
  • 2x Tribal Hunters
  • Various characters

Still to arrive in the mail are two boxes of Centaur, Centaur Chief and Gargoyles (Mantic), 30 Wolves (China) and MDF bases from Sarissa.



  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Herd once you've got this army up and running. I have a few of the same Mierce minis waiting for assembly too - so its a good inspiration all round! Dru.

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