Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

With the move into wintry weather here I managed to get a few things done over the weekend.

As per my previous blog post I had a game against Night Stalkers down at Warlords on Saturday. It was the first time I had played Luke and the Night Stalkers and was a very enjoyable battle. I have been tossing up building Night Stalkers - post Herd - and having faced them on the table I'm certainly not dissuaded from that.

I also finished building and prepping the Herd figures I have. From there I moved on to priming them. Last night I started painting the Lycanthropes and I'm hopeful that I'll get them done this week.

My final piece of work was to strip down my airbrush and give it a thorough clean. It is amazing how much better it works having all the crap removed and the parts oiled.

The other piece of work slated for this week is to start painting the Winterdale Tavern that I printed recently. Once that is done I can print some more pieces.....discipline Peter, discipline.

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