Saturday, May 21, 2016

Battle Report - Ratkin v Night Stalkers in Loot

This morning I wandered down to my local club, the Wellington Warlords, where I had organised a game against Luke Forrest. Luke has a Night Stalkers army and I had not played either them or him before.

The terrain was set up and we rolled up Loot. In the end Luke decided to compress the counters by concentrating them all on the flank with the tower. I was happy with this as I believed he had far more mobility than I had.

I got the first turn and jumped up on the Loot counters. One is with a Horde of Tunnel Slaves beyond the impassable at the top of the picture below. The second is with the Slaves by the Death Engine and the third has been passed to the Brutes in the bottom left.

Luke has got his Nightmares up from behind the tower however they are about to wear two Death Engines, a Weapons Team and a Lightning Bolt. As you'd expect this was fatal. In the bottom of the pic are a Horde of Fiends and behind them a Void Lurker. A unit of Slaves has charged a Troop of Reapers - to try and chip some wounds off.

At this stage my plan is to back away with the counters while dealing with the Night Stalker threat unit by unit.
In the picture below the first unit of Reapers has been shot off. The Void Lurker had charged the Blight doing 4 wounds. This let my Daemonspawn charge his flank and remove him. The Death Engines were largely ineffective with their shooting on the Fiends.
MSlaves are backing off with the Loot Counter while tha Horde in top left corner have passed to Shock Troops. In the bottom the Brutes are backing away from the Fiends with the third counter.

In the centre two Shadow Hulks and a Horde of Butchers have got into the Tunnel Slave Horde. I have been putting wounds onto the rightmost Shadow Hulk from the Weapons Team. The Slaves evaporate leaving the Shock Troops facing the three units.

The Weapons Team finishes off the woundedHulk, while I charge the second with the Shock Troops and Bane Chant them. This is effective in removing him. The Reapers have taken out a Death Engine but the combined Blight, Daemonspawn and second Death Engine have seen off the Fiends with the Blight picking up the Loot Counter. I have also put the Weapons Team between the Slaves and Reapers to buy a turn.


The Butchers charge the Shock Troops who hold but are in return countercharged and bane chanted. This removes them leaving the way free for the Legion of Blood Worms to charge and break the Shock Troops and claim one counter.

My Daemonspawn and Death Engine remove the second Reapers allowing the Slaves and Blight to sneak away with the two other counters securing the win for the Ratkin.

It was a good game and I learned a lot about the Night Stalkers. I felt Luke erred in not spreading the counters out as that allowed me to concentrate my heavy hitters. The other thing I felt would have helped him was putting the Blood Worms nearer the centre. While they got a counter they had minimal influence on the game allowing me to ignore them until I had the game secure.



  1. Good game, thanks. You're right, I really need to think about deployment more carefully

  2. This was interesting! I've included a link to your game in my article: KoW gameplay resources