Monday, May 2, 2016

WSS "Autumn" - Racial Breakdown

In the end there were 14 players registered for "Autumn" and the deadline for lists was this weekend past.

Obviously there is something in the water as the Dead are very restless.
  • Empire of Dust x3
  • Undead x2
  • Dwarfs x2
  • Elves x2
  • Night Stalkers x1
  • Goblins x1
  • Basileans x1
  • Varangur x1
  • Twilight Kin x1
Five "Dead" armies likely means five Flying Pharoahs. Certainly, the Dwarfs have left no De 6 unit at home.

It will be nice to see a Night Stalker army out on the table...a new challenge for our local meta.


  1. haha, I don't know about the Night Stalker 'challenge'. I haven't played a game since the Summer tournament. Still, my other army is undead so...