Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Sorry for the lateness this week - real life intervened.

It was a quiet weekend hobbywise for me with no games - makes Peter a sad boy. I've had my in-laws move to our city and so have been tied up getting them into their own place. Unfortunately that means last weekend and parts of the upcoming two have been spent on that "project".

However that doesn't mean all is lost! I have been able to spend the evening putting models together for the Herd. That means 30 resin wolves and a box of Mantic Gargoyles are now all assembled, cleaned up and ready for spraying.

I was dreading putting the Gargoyles together. Apart from their Zombies I have not had good experiences with Mantic models. I do not like the less rigid plastic that they are made of. However the box of gargoyles I got were not at all bad. Obviously recent GW models have spoiled hobbyists with lack of mould lines but I found the biggest problem with the gargoyles was sprue tags. Mould lines were present on some models but not as pronounced as I feared.

I now have two boxes of Centaurs plus the Centaur hero to put together. These are metal - and are the first Mantic metals I've seen - and so far the most obvious characteristic is the softness of the pewter. That means they are easy to clean up but I do have some concerns on the strength of the horse legs. I'll report back over the next few days.

My army load of MDF bases arrived from Sarissa Precision. I know I've sung their praises before but they truly provide exceptional service. My bases had travelled across the globe and were with me within 7 days. They never make a mistake and the bases are exact and precision cut. On top of that they are very affordable. I got 3000 points worth of bases for Herd for USD28 including post.

Launched registration for Warlords Super Series "Winter" and in the first couple of days have 10 signups. That means the event will attract ranking points. I'm hopeful we'll get to 20 participants. The tournament was shifted from mid July and is now the week before I leave for a month's holiday in the USA, so I was able to Umpire.

Speaking of events - Panzershreck Ninth Age tournament is on 16/17 July in Palmerston North while Call to Arms Kings of War is on 6/7 August in Wellington. Please support these events if at all possible. This weekend Southcon in Dunedin is on and there is a KoW competition. If you are in Dunedin please get along.

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