Monday, April 15, 2019

40K - Hivefleet Cerebane Update

Back in 2002, during 3rd Edition, I built my Tyranid army, Hivefleet Cerebane. The models of this era were an update on the 2nd Edition "goofy" nids but for the big critters, generally still metal rather than plastic.

In 2007, Jack pulled out the army and updated it for the Nidzilla era. More Rippers, the obligatory Dakkafexes and flying Tyrant with Devourers all made appearances. Jack repositioned and repainted the Genestealers but still in the Cerebane colour scheme.

Jump forward a dozen years and Tom has picked the game again and is using a STC Kraken army. This has required some new additions to the Hivefleet and the painting/re-equipping of some old models.

Six Hive Guard provide the long range firepower for Cerebane. Their ability to shoot indirectly helps keep the enemy honest.

 A second unit of Genestealers has been added, sporting scything talons and rending claws.

 Another "new" unit are the Venomtropes, providing protection for the chittering horde.

 I bought the Old One Eye model when it was first released but never got around to building or painting it. Earlier this year Matt Liggett provided me with the crushing claws I had lost in the intervening years and "Carl" was painted.

Finally my old metal Tyrant has been re-purposed as Swarmlord. He has had his Venom Cannon replaced with Bone Sword and Lash Whip. I've kept is "pet" Blood Claw, reminiscent of a time when all the wannabes played Space Wolves 😊 

Great to get an old army updated and ready for the table again.

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