Monday, April 22, 2019

40k - NatCon Results

Over Easter weekend Natcon has been run in New Zealand for the past 40+ years. Traditionally this was the biggest event of the year but since 2005, the rise of a plethora of other tournaments and conventions has reduced its size. This year it was held in Kapiti - about 40 miles north of Wellington - and used the ITC Missions and scoring (WDL). Armies were 1500 points with no comp restrictions.

The results were:

Rank Player Army W-D-L VPs
1 Simon Smith Imperium 4-1-0 135
2 Pete Dunn Dark Eldar 4-0-1 133
3 Sam Whitt Chaos Daemons 4-0-1 105
4 Dave Hodgetts Astra Militarum 3-1-1 133
5 Sean Sullivan Dark Eldar 3-0-2 144
6 Luke Archbold Custodes 3-0-2 133
7 Aaron Wilson Adeptus Mechanicus 3-0-2 108
8 Jordan Green Death Guard 3-0-2 102
9 Bede Bailey Eldar 3-0-2 98
10 Kim Styles Eldar 3-0-2 76
11 Scott Paterson Tau 2-0-3 130
12 John Murrie Astra Militarum 2-0-3 102
13 Kent Jackson Eldar 2-0-3 88
14 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 2-0-3 75
15 Tom Dunn Tyranids 2-0-3 75
16 Jeremy Martin-Smith Necrons 2-0-3 61
17 Paul Knieriem Imperium 1-0-4 101
18 Ross Brewster Eldar 1-0-4 61
19 Simon Avery Tyranids 1-0-4 60

Best Sport - Tom Dunn

Best Presented Army - Sam Whitt

Congratulations to Simon on his win.

The results have been uploaded to the FOB NZ Rankings

Great to see that everybody had at least one win. The lists were very hard. All the Eldar were Alaiatoc while all the Tyranids were STC Kraken. Both Dark Eldar lists ran base of Black Heart Ravagers and Prophets of Flesh Grots/Talos, Seans having Wych Cult while mine had an Ulthwe Doomrunner.

My list was as follows:

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Drukhari) [49 PL, 805pts] ++

Detachment Attribute: Prophets of Flesh

Haemonculus [5 PL, 76pts]: Electrocorrosive whip, Splinter Pistol, The Vexator Mask

Urien Rakarth [5 PL, 90pts]: Diabolical Soothsayer

3x Wracks [3 PL, 45pts] - Acothyst + 4x Wracks

Grotesques [12 PL, 210pts] - 6x Grotesque with Monstrous Cleaver: Flesh Gauntlet

3x Talos [6 PL, 98pts] - Chain-Flails, Macro-Scalpel; 2x Haywire blaster

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Drukhari) [31 PL, 560pts] ++

Detachment Attribute: Kabal of the Black Heart

Alliance of Agony [-1CP]
Prizes from the Dark City (1 Relic) [-1CP]

Archon [4 PL, 72pts]: Labyrinthine Cunning, Splinter pistol, Venom Blade, Warlord (Archon), Writ of the Living Muse

Kabalite Warriors [2 PL, 38pts] - 3x Kabalite Warrior; Kabalite Warrior with Shredder; Sybarite

3x Ravager [7 PL, 125pts]: 3x Disintegrator cannon

Venom [4 PL, 75pts]: 2x Splinter Cannon

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [7 PL, 132pts] ++

Craftworld Attribute: Ulthwe: Foresight of the Damned

Farseer Skyrunner [7 PL, 132pts]: 2. Doom, 4. Executioner, Shuriken Pistol, Twin Shuriken Catapult, Witchblade

I had five challenging games:

Rd 1 - 14-15 loss vs Bede’s Alaiatoc
Rd 2 - 29-16 win vs Ryan’s Kraken
Rd 3 - 25-15 win vs Paul’s Imperium
Rd 4 - 33-14 win vs Kent’s Alaiatoc
Rd 5 - 32-28 win vs Sean’s Dark Eldar

The dice were fickle all weekend. I generally didn’t see a lot of good luck on either side but saw plenty of bad. Sean’s dice in a couple of our turns were horrific. He must have failed 4 8-9” charges on one turn where he had rerolls. Gave a great demonstration on maximizing his points despite adversity.

My stars were my Grotesques. They were decisive vs Paul, Kent and to a lesser extent versus Sean and Ryan. Bede reduced them to a single model Turn 1. The Doomseer helped me immeasurably vs Sean - being able to put unimpeded Doom and Smite was huge.

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