Tuesday, April 30, 2019

40K - April FAQ: GW Hits It Out Of The Park

In all reality GW could have named this the "DON'T BE A DOUCHE" FAQ.....because this is where they came down hard against perceived unintended consequences.


GW have clarified wording to remove rules "abuses" that didn't fit their view of how the game should be played. In doing so, they haven't been afraid to admit they have been wrong in the past and readjust the landscape.

Things you should be aware of:
  • Changes to units with the "Fly" keyword regarding the Charge phase
  • Creation of a new "Aircraft" keyword designed to address issues with the current Eldar Flyer Spam army (suspect this will only prove partially successful)
  • Changes to Eldar Psychic Powers (affect allies)
  • Significant changes to Orks - Mob Up restrictions, Characteristic rolls
  • Limitations on Datasheets...or a mortar is a mortar is a mortar
  • Restrictions on Bolter Discipline
  • Point changes to Castellan
  • Limitations on improvements to Invulnerable Saves (IK and GK)
  • Increase CP for the 85 point Assassin reservoir
  • Mental Onslaught defanged
  • No orders for Brood Brothers
  • Vexator Mask "Fight Last" effect depowered
The one thing they didn't "fix" was the stacking of -1 to Hit. IMO GW hit things they saw as "unfun". There is nothing IMO more unfun than a -3 to Hit especially if that makes it impossible to hit a Flyer. I would have liked to see a cap at -2 to Hit (at least).

Still very happy GW addressed the main sore points. 

Well done!

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