Friday, April 12, 2019

Hobby - Salt Chipping & Weathering

At Adepticon I picked up a Gale Force Nine Power Generator that was 30% off. These come pre-painted but I decided to repaint it to match my Industrial Terrain.

Here is the finished article:

I wanted something that looked like it had had a hard life. The kit comes in a box already assembled and painted.

The GF9 generator is very clean. It looks like it is constructed of some type of concrete.

The first thing I did was prime it metallic brown and give it some underlying rust modulation.

This took about 5-10 minutes total with the airbrush spraying first Badger Brown Primer (Adepticon giveaway) then GW paints.

Aim was to get a mottled finish that I could chip back to.

Next a mix of rock and sea salt - wet the surface and sprinkle.

I let it dry turns opaque.

I then sprayed it with a Chalky Finish Lime Wash rattlecan and went out for a coffee.

It dries reacting with the salt mask.

The next stage is to brush the salt off which exposes the underlying paint.

The rougher you are the more you can chip away.

The finish is quite natural and approximates real world weathering.

The final stage is to prime (black) and drybrush (Boltgun) the core. I then sprayed the joins and random patches with Burnt Umber ink.

Very happy with the finished result. Great match for existing terrain. Total project time 30 minutes over a 12 hour period.

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