Friday, April 26, 2019

Community Call for Help

Here's a call out from myself and James Brown.

 One our friends Glen Tibbles is going through a bit of a shit time with cancer.  He is currently not able to work and while he fights this prick of a disease. It would be great to give him a financial boost to take the stress off. 

Glen has been active in the Ancient wargaming, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K tournament scenes over the past 20+ years.   

Those of you who know Glen will know he is a humble guy and would never ask for it but this is an opportunity to show what an awesome community we have and how much he has been a part of it. (sorry Tibs you can blame James!)

We’ve seen this done in the USA and think we can nail it here.     


For us as the community to donate models or time* (*Paint a unit) to make a fully painted/competitive above table top standard  2000+ point Death Watch army that will either be sold through Trademe or raffled off and the $ given to Glen to help him out. 

How you can help –

Please contact James at  or myself (pete@thefieldsofblood.comif you wish to donate Space Marine models on sprue (come on we all have Space Marine models in boxes!) We're after veterans, terminators, primaris, bikes etc. storm bolters, storm shields  (all the competitive stuff) or you wish to put your hand up to paint a unit or two.  

Once we have collected the models they will be assembled (with shoulder pads & realm of battle bases which we’ll provide) and sent to people to paint with a detailed quick guide on how we’ll paint the  army cohesively and then sell it.  

James will lead the initiative and coordinate the Auckland end while I'll act as a hub for the Welly collections.
Show a mate what a great community we have. 

James & Pete

EDIT: Here is the painting recipe we are following.

We have a store of extra Deathwatch bits if anyone needs them.

The whole army is to be based using Realm of Battle bases.

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  1. Thanks Pete - the response so far has been massive. Slight change to the basing as someone is donating a table of desert 🏜 terrain to go with the army. I can provide the full scheme for anyone who wants to take part