Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hobby - CK Studios' "Terrain Class" at Adepticon

While I was at Adepticon, Jack and I took an airbrushing terrain class with CK Studios. This was the first time that they had run the course and it focused on three key techniques:

  1. Marbling of Wall Surfaces
  2. Another Marbling technique for floors
  3. Fast way to do metals using drybrushing
Here are the results:

The marbling technique on the walls involves using a laundry dryer sheet and a strange mix of colours.

Metals are all drybrushed over black primer. I used purple and blue inks through airbrush to provide interest.

The marbling on the floor section was painted using a torn piece of paper and the airbrush. It was done in flesh colours before applying GW Camoshade wash through airbrush and a final GW Waywatcher glaze through airbrush.

Spent three hours at the course and learned techniques that will save me literally days of work going forward. 

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